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First Lady Leaphart was born Synetra Evette Howard on July 14, 1965. She was reared in Atlanta, Georgia by her parents, the late Bishop John D. Howard and Missionary Johnnie Lee Howard. Her parents nurtured her in the ways of righteousness at a very young age. She graduated in the top 10% of her class from D.M. Therrell High School where she was home- coming queen, and very active in several activities during her tenure there. Her post graduate studies, includes but not limited to, an associate degree in Accounting from Atlanta Area technical College as well as certificates in other professional training. She has worked for State government since 1984, where she has continued to grow professionally.

She’s been the proud wife of Dr. Richard Leaphart, since October 1988 and mother of Senora and Rachel, fraternal mother/aunt of Maurita & Menyada Johnson. She accepted the Lord at the age of sixteen and has endeavored to be faithful and to love the Lord with all her heart, mind and strength.

She co-labored with her husband to found New Hope Cathedral in July 2001. The Lord has inspired her to develop several ministries within New Hope. Including, the Daughters of New Hope, New Members Services and a number of other ministries.


At New Hope, First Lady Leaphart serves as chairperson of the Daughters of New Hope Ministries. She walks fervently beside her husband assisting him in all his endeavors. She is a constant source of great strength, love and empowerment to others. Her Godly and positive influence has brought many to Christ. She exemplifies the gift of wisdom and knowledge in both the body of Christ as well as the world. Her complete dedication and unselfish service reflect the blessed hope of Jesus Christ for the church.



"God placed in my belly a calling to minister a NEW HOPE message to the nation."

Bishop Dr. Richard Leaphart is a native of Jersey City, New Jersey. He has been married to Synetra since October 1988, and they are the proud parents of biological daughters, Senora Ra’shell and Rachel Angelique Leaphart and fraternal parents of nieces Menyada Shannon and Maurita Johnson.


Bishop George Hoke licensed and ordained him for ministry at the All Nations Church of God in 1997. Dr. Leaphart was appointed Assistant Pastor of the All Nations Church of God in January 1998.

Knowing the calling God had placed on his life, and yielding to the voice of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Leaphart founded New Hope Cathedral in July 2001. The ministry is centered and grounded upon the Word of God and has been under the spiritual covering of Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, since December 2002. As a faithful son of Bishop Long and the Father’s House Ministry, Bishop Long appointed him as an Ambassador in the Father’s House, to help shepherd other pastors along the way.

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